Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Snatch, Push Press, Box Jump

EMOM for 10 min for perfect form
1 muscle snatch
1 hang power snatch
1 hang squat snatch
1 overhead squat

When completing the sequence, focus on keeping your torso upright and maintaining proper foot position during the jumping and landing portions of the movement.


2 x 5min AMRAP with 2 minutes rest between AMRAPs. During each AMRAP, climb the following "ladder" as high as you can.
1 Push Press, 135/95
2 Box Jumps, 24/20
3 Push Press
4 Box Jump
5 Push Press
6 Box Jump... etc.

Post total reps to comments. Compare to 7/24/14.

Shoulder position in the overhead squat with Miranda Oldroyd - [video]
Knees tracking over the toes in the squat with Miranda Oldroyd - [video]

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