Wednesday, May 18, 2016


For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-upshe 
100 Squats  

Complete all reps of each exercise before moving to the next. Post time to comments.
Angie, Chris Spealler [wmv][mov]
Compare to 10/10/11 and 1/30/12, and 8/16/12.


Carport Crossfit said...

Big Dawgs:
As Rx’d
Make every rep ROM perfect

Same rules apply for form.
50-75 Pull ups
50-75 Push ups
50-75 Sit ups
50-75 Squats
Sit ups should either be Ab Mat or full range anchored sit ups

Puppies and Buttercups:
For time:
20 Pull-ups or 25 Beginner or Assisted Pull ups
20 Push-ups or 30 Box Push ups or 35 Wall Push ups
20 Sit ups (do not do crunches)
20-50 Squats (depending on ability)


spaztech said...

Egad! I had to do a modified version of this workout from home this afternoon due to my daughter's graduation tonight. 100 push-ups 100 sit-ups 100 squats. From cold to gold took 16:20.

trip said...

I couldn't make it to class tonight so I did a pack set at home, less pull-ups:
65 push ups
50 sit ups
75 squats


Unknown said...

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