Thursday, May 19, 2016

2 options

For total WB reps
00:00 - run 1 mile, ME WB
10:00 - run 800M, ME WB
15:00 - run 400M, ME WB
18:00 - run 200M, ME WB
20:00 - row 250M, ME WB
22:00 - row 500M, ME WB
25:00 - row 1000M, ME WB
30:00 - row 2000M, ME WB
40:00 - end of the WOD!

Athletes have 10 minutes to run 1 mile and complete as many WB as possible before starting the 800M run. At 10:00, athletes run 800M and complete as many WB as possible. At 20:00 athletes will get on the rower and row/WB in the same fashion.
Athletes have 2 options in this WOD:
1 - choose where you want to start. Athletes may do the WOD as written or row first (2000,1000,500,250) then run (200,400,800,1mile).
2 - choose how long to workout. If athletes would like to stop at the 20:00 mark, they may. In this case, they would either run (1mile,800,400,200) or row (2000,1000,500,250).

Post total WB to comments. Compare to 9/11/14.