Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Bear and Two Tabata's

EMOM for 10 minutes perform one continuous set of the following movements using your max "Bear Complex" load from 6/19/14.
- Power Clean
- Front Squat
- Push Press
- Back Squat
- Push Press

- then -

For total reps:
Tabata Sit-ups immediately followed by Tabata Pull-ups.

Post load and reps to comments. Compare to 11/13/14.


bill said...

65lbs on EMOM
Tabata - 108 sit ups, 29 pull-ups
James came and brought Maddox with him this morning-a.m. was in high cotton today!

Judy Ranelli said...

65lbs EMOM
Tabata = 63 straight leg situps, 20 pull-ups