Wednesday, June 19, 2013


(up to 3 people per station, each group starts at a different station)
4 rounds for reps.
1 min Ball slams, 30#M/20#F
1 min Situps
1 min Jumping lunges
1 min Rope climb (10ft climb=10pts, beginer rope climb=2pts)

Clock will be set to FGB. Do each exercise for 1 minute, then rotate stations when you hear the clock beep. Go through all exercises 4 times. There is no rest interval.
Post total reps to comments.

Compare to 11/17/115/14/12, and 8/20/12.


Kaila said...

Happy Hump Day! 328 scaled WOD. Good job on the ropes this morning guys and sheena!

Casey said...

Great WOD
Rx: 331 reps

Casey said...

*Beginner Rope climb

Shane Cahalan said...

Good WOD today. 1st time climbing the rope since January and it looked like it. 467 was the score. This count could really climb if the rope climbs were.

Did the max DUs during open gym and got up to 71-PR!

Great job on the climbs this morning Eddie!!!

Eddie Allen said...

Great working out with new folks this morning. I looked back in August and my score was 262 vs 383 today...not quite apples to apples due to shorter rope. Thanks for the comment Shane....had to be the socks brother!!

On a different note I couldn't help but look at the folks who were doing the WOD with me back in August. Vern and Sean...What happened to those cats?? Sure miss Anna P and my man Sam. Bill....You would score a 757 on this one now man!!

Drew Hill said...

Got up , liter of water, 1 block with supplement , More million meter baby with my first baby :)we knock out 10000 meters worked on pull-ups ,cleans, dips ,and snatches. split a builder bar(zone friendly) with Autumn
Did the WOD scored 450+ climbs

Liter of water ,apple, bacon 5 blocks down from wake till know

Libby Lassiter said...

356. I should have rolled for an I but instead passed to puma who rolled another B. my time is running out for an "I"

Libby Lassiter said...

But it was still a great work.out and fun to see will hit 10 rope climbs in 1 round. Amazing!

Judy Ranelli said...


Tonya Drinkard said...

B what? What's its going to be tomorrow?

Drew Hill said...

Tonya is like details,details
It is B2 Barbara
20pullup. Rest 3min in between each round

As for me 100000m down on the million meter baby
The food was easy 4 blocks of meat & veggies
4 blocks of peanut butter honey& whey 1.5 liters of water

Amber said...

10 climbs in a minute?!!! Holy cow!