Monday, August 20, 2012

"Round Robin"

(up to 3 people per station, each group starts at a different station)4 rounds for reps.
1 min Ball slams, 30#M/20#F
1 min Situps
1 min Jumping lunges
1 min Rope climb (15ft climb=10pts, beginer rope climb=2pts)

Clock will be set to FGB. Do each exercise for 1 minute, then rotate stations when you hear the clock beep. Go through all exercises 4 times. There is no rest interval.
Post total reps to comments.

Compare to 11/17/11 and 5/14/12.


Oatie said...

This will be fun!! Glad to be getting back to the Carport :-)

23 Skidoo said...

You know you've put a few months of carport under your belt when a WOD is a repeat. This is my first "compare to date xxx" WOD.
Compared to 5/14/12- I did 20# vs 10# ball slams. I did a rope climb of about 10 feet, then remainder beginners.. Last time, no rope climb. Today was 372 vs. 388 last time but... I doubled my ball slam weight. Was startled, (But NOT hurt) by a swinging rope... might have cost me a few Jumping lunges, but I'm very happy this am.

Anna P said...

330 today versus 257 in May

bill said...

Anna P! You are cooking with gas young lady! Way to go! Off the chart!

bill said...

What a great AM class today! We even had The Cat In The Hat show up....who would've thought??

sheena said...


hopefully the next time we do this it won't be the day after i run 12 miles...those jumping lunges were killer! i'm still happy with my score though.

bill said...

357 today vs 344 in May

Oatie said...

288 in May, 273 today which confused me until I realized I slammed #12 & #20 today. I managed to pull off my 1st full rope climb, which had me SUPER STOKED! Great WOD :-)

Judy Ranelli said...
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Judy Ranelli said...

56 rope/80 slams /109 situps/90 lunges: total 335.

I climbed the rope once then figured out that I was so slow that I could make more points doing the beginner climbs instead.

Cori said...

situps 40/35/33/35 = 143
jumping lunges 40/36/36/36 = 148
rope climbs 24/22/22/22 = 90
ball slams 30/25/22/22 = 99
total reps = 480 PR!
it was fun running this with the 6:30p class! :)

The Raulstons said...

Great job everybody - sorry we missed it! Sounds like everybody had a great day with PR's all over. Way to go!

Puma said...

That Comment Deleted guy always post the same thing.