Monday, May 14, 2012

"Round Robin"

(up to 3 people per station, each group starts at a different station)4 rounds for reps.
1 min Ball slams, 30#M/20#F
1 min Situps
1 min Jumping lunges
1 min Rope climb (15ft climb=10pts, beginer rope climb=2pts)

Clock will be set to FGB. Do each exercise for 1 minute, then rotate stations when you hear the clock beep. Go through all exercises 4 times. There is no rest interval.
Post total reps to comments.

Compare to 11/17/11.


The Raulstons said...

Cynthia- 20# - 354 (68 BS, 77 SU, 165 JL, 44 RC). I was an arms length away from my #*%! sweatshirt on the rope and didnt make it in time. Maybe next time:)

23 Skidoo said...

10lbs on the ball slammers...
388 total... but beginner only on the rope climbs... next time go big or go home!

Anna P said...

257 - beginner rope climbs, 20# ball...pretty pumped I did the full ball slam weight

bill said...

Great to see both Mike and Sam at the same time this morning. Nothing like chest bumps and BPs with the guys first thing in the morning.

Anna G you're sandbagging on us...what's up?

Cori said...

brooke, dave and i visited crossfit30a this morning. the wod was a 12 min amrap of 10 pullups, 8 push press, 6 burpees

cori 7 rds + 3 burpees w/ 65#
brooke 7 rds w/ 45#
dave 6 rds + 6 pushpress w/ 95#

our coach was quite the slave driver hammering our form. lol!

yesterday, we did a team wod
300 goblet squats w/ 1 pood kb
200 kb swings
100 pushups
50 burpees each
the rules were while one person was working, the rest had to be in plank position for the squats, the bottom of the squat for the kbs, and jumping lunges for the pushups. we all completed the work together. oh, and in between each of the sets, we each had to do 1 run with the medicine ball about 150m.
our total time was 28:17

Dave said...

I love the pics of the Hill girls at Pound for Pound. It's encouraging to see children adopting a healthy lifestyle at such a young age!

Oatie said...

Cori do you EVER take a break??? Lol :-)

Anonymous said...

329, baby rope climbs, 20#