Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Round Robin"

Lululemon is coming to Carport tomorrow morning for the 5:30 a.m. class to wod with us! Come on down to meet them!

(2 people per station, each pair starts at a different station)
4 rounds for reps.
1 min Ball slams, 30#M/20#F
1 min Situps
1 min Jumping lunges
1 min Rope climb (15ft climb=10pts, beginer rope climb=2pts)

Clock will be set to FGB. Do each exercise for 1 minute, then rotate stations when you hear the clock beep. Go through all exercises 4 times. There is no rest interval.
Post total reps to comments.


Cori said...

great class this morning! so glad that rachel, rebecca and jackie dropped in! everyone did awesome!

jackie said...

thanks, cori & amber! great wod! btw, LOVE the pic :) looking forward to woding with you all again soon... but first, i need a nap!

Ed said...

Ball Slams - 54
Situps - 45
Jumping Lunges - 97
Rope Climb - 50

Cori said...

jumping lunges 146
rope climbs 82
ball slams 82
situps 127

i ran in the dark tonight and felt pukie for the first time in a long time! yay! yay! yay!

Judy Ranelli said...

52 ball slams
52 rope climbs
106 situps
90 jumping lunges

Amber said...


Rope 30,20,20,16-86
Slam 23,20,14,18-75
Situp 30,24,24,24-102
Lunge 40,33,33,36-142

Thanks to Lululemon for wiring with us and for the awesome shorts!