Tuesday, March 10, 2015

EVENT 9 - Team Final

As many reps as possible of:

1 min clean,
1 min ring dip
1 min rest
1 min thruster,
1 min pullup
1 min rest
1 min snatch
1 min rest
1 min c&J
1 min rest
1 min DL,
1 min HSPU
1 min rest
1 min wallball

Men 135#, women 95# - use the same bar for the whole workout (14min wod)
Individual Score = total reps from all movements.
Team Score = total individual scores for the entire class!

Post score to comments. Compare to 8/11/11 and 2/22/13.


OATIE said...

Still getting my butt kicked by this flu. I wouldn't wish this on ANYONE!! Hoping maybe tomorrow will bring easier breathing.

bill said...

Hope you get on the mend soon Oatie!

140 reps 65lbs - the worst part of that workout started when Brian said "10 seconds!". I don't mind telling you... that there was a bit of a gasser

Puma said...

149 reps at 95#