Friday, July 8, 2011


5 rounds for time:
Run 400M
10 Burpees
Rest the amount of time it takes to do the work (run + burpees). Immediately start next round.

Post total time to comments.


Cori said...

who can do a 45# barbell one-legged overhead squat? i can't even do a non-weighted one-legged squat...i think we need to add this to the cashout work! :)

Cori said...

not sure how long it took me...i can't remember. 25:38 maybe? i rowed instead of ran b/c shin is bothering me. glad to have that over and done!

Amber said...

19:21 - I am super fired up to finish sub20!

Here is how I kept up with my work/rest intervals. I noted when I finished the work, figured my split time, then noted when I should end my rest.

Work = 2:05 (2:05)
Rest = 4:10
Work = 6:15 (2:05)
Rest = 8:20
Work = 10:27 (2:07)
Rest = 12:34
Work = 14:52 (2:18)
Rest = 17:10
Work = 19:21 (2:11)

Will said...

New cashout?

DREW said...

17:20 Rx

willpugh said...

Ok, goal time: 800lb crossfit total and 13 min 2 mile within 1.5 hours.