Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weighted pull-ups 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post bodyweight and loads to comments.

***If you don't have a pullup or can only pullup your bodyweight, do "Hang Time".

"Hang Time": Try to keep yourself pulled up as long as possible. Time starts when your chin is over the bar and stops when you reach dead hang. So keep pulling even after your chin drops below the bar! Total time for 5 rounds.
ie. 70sec+60+65+40+40=275sec or 4:35


Cori said...

bodyweight: 150 (on home scale, and i'm sticking to that dangit!)

loads: 10-12-20-32-44-44-44 (all kipping; used weight vests b/c i tried to use the weight belt but it's hard to kip and use that thing...pretty uncomfortable.)

my shoulders are smoked right now!

will try deadhang weights tonight. it will look a LOT different than the numbers above.

annnnnd at 8a, i'll run with mj in jogging stroller for 20 minutes to continue my couch-to-5k-in-3-weeks training. :)

Old Man said...

I've got to rest and recover today. I'm beat and yesterday was pathetic.

Cori said...

jogged with macie. oh my! it sure is hot outside! slogged for about 23 minutes, had to walk some, but i made sure to run up every hill!

Carport Crossfit said...


Cori said...

yay judy!!!!!!

amber said...

BW 135
35 44 53m 46.5 (49) 51.5m 51.5m

CFKids :) said...

Clara (47#) 2 3 5 5 6m 0 0
Brooke (55#) 2 3m 3m 2m 0 0 0
Autumn (97#) 2 3 5 6m 6m 0 0

Cori said...

nice job hills and pughmas! :)

and nice job to the myers on their first 101 class! they both finished in sub 10!

Old Man said...

Go judi Cave girl

DREW said...

70 lbs chain broke