Wednesday, July 27, 2011

5 rounds for time:
30 Situps
30 KBS, 1.5 pood
800M Run

Post time to comments.


Cori said...

dang! that's a lot o' runnin'!

Carport Crossfit said...


This is actually very similar to the "pack" version of Eva (800M run, 30 KBS@1.5pd, 30 pullups).

Big Dawgs and Pack: Rx

Four rounds for time of:
20 Situps
20 KBS, 1.5pood
Run 400 meters

Three rounds for time of:
15 Situps
15 KBS, 15-24#
Run 400 meters

Cori said...

37:40 w/ 1 pood
all situps and kbs unbroken.
running went downhill after round 1.

Cori said...

oh yeah, and sonny, the dog, came running at me from behind and scared the CRAP out of me! not good when you're in your own little world of ipod and telling yourself to put one foot in front of the other. i about had a heart attack.

THE HAMMER said...

great job ,Cori "WOD KILLA" Johnson.has set the cut off time @40 min. this is a longer wod so we will be warmed up and out the door @ a 1/4 till.

Cori said...

that's funny, "hammer." i'm pretty sure i'll have the slowest time on the carport today. but at least i showed up! oh wait...i had to show up since i was the coach!

i expect some great times from our members today!

Amber said...

39:25 GHD

1st two rounds unbroken. I had to really push that last round to finish. Whew!!

Amber said...

This workout was every bit as hard as it looked.

DREW said...

36:28 GHD

alex said...

32:45 (i think)
regular situps.