Friday, November 12, 2010


Complete 8 rounds:

3 Hang Power Cleans - 155 lbs
6 Jump Touches - 24" Height
Sprint 25 yards

*Rest 15 seconds between rounds

*For Jump Touches, place a mark 24" above your highest reach with a fully extended arm. Count a rep if when you jump you touch your mark.

Post loads used and fastest rounds to comments.


Carport Crossfit said...


Professional - Rx, women 115lbs

Collegiate - 135lbs, 18-24" jump

High School - 115lbs, 18" jump

Pee Wee - 95lbs, 12" jump

*clean as heavy as you can and jump as high as you can

Ed said...

Times for my 8 rounds:
- 6 were between 41-43
- 1 was 45 seconds and
- the last was 39 seconds

65# on cleans
18"? on the jump

Cori said...

hey everybody! i just want you all to know that your coaches drew and amber hill are total beasts, and i am so glad that we all get to train with them both to help push us to our potentials!

drew beat rich froning on last night's wod! for those of you that don't know who rich froning is, let me tell you now that he is titled the "fittest man on the planet" by winning the cf games 2010!

and amber's nancy time is up there with the names on the main site!

"we're not worthy...we're not worthy...we're not worthy!"

good job guys! you give me something to strive for!!!

Carport Crossfit said...

awe shucks.... ;)

Dave said...

You're right Cori! It's awesome to watch them WOD!

Watson said...

good wod. 135lb

Carport Crossfit said...

(avg time per round 1:26)
(time spent CRACKING UP each round 30sec. haha)

115lbs HPC (unbroken)
18" jump 2-hand touch

That was so fun! I love throwing in movements that we don't normally do. The jumps were a whole lot harder than I expected. 24" is a long way up. I jump touched to the high pullup bars.