Saturday, November 13, 2010

Open Gym 9:00-10:00am

SPEED WORK 8am at Shades Valley track. 6 x 400M or walk/run 1 mile.

"Finding and Developing Your Handstand Push-Up: Part 2" with Carl Paoli, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]


Cori said...

i'm going to use this as my new fb photo! :)

i had high expectations going to the track with dave this a.m., but it just wasn't going to happen. poor dave. i hope others show up! i told him i'd give him $5 if trey gunter showed up! (trey...i'll give $5 all day long to see you show up for speed work!)

Carport Crossfit said...

Does Dave double his money for Trey doing a 2-a-day?

Trey said...

Cori, You better pay up!

2:02, 2:31, 2:28, 3:30 (Nasty), 2:30, 2:27

Cori said...

dang trey! haha!

but that's ok! like i said, i'd rather pay dave $5 than you not come to CF! :)

(and the two-a-day wasn't involved in the betting process....but maybe next time!!)

DREW said...

had some good runs from 100 sec to 80sec not as consistent as Dave but my nick name isn't "THE RUNNING MAN"


15 rounds of "Cindy" in 10 min @ CFR
with the last pull up in each round being chest to bar.

Ed said...

10 Burpees

6 x 400M
1:51, 2:08, 2:04, 2:09, 2:03, 1:55

CF Total - 450
Shoulder Press -90
Back Squat - 145
Deadlift - 215