Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bar Dips

ME Bar Dips 15sec on 45sec off for 10min


For total reps
90 sec row for calories
45 sec rest
90 sec DU or lateral hops
45 sec rest
90 sec DL, load of your choice, must complete at least 10 reps
45 sec rest
90 sec sit-ups

Score is (dips + reps)(DL load). Post total bar dips, total reps, DL load, and score to comments.


Judy Ranelli said...

(30 + 261)(125) = 33,000

Sub for DUs was singles/3. Sub for dips was banded dips/3. DL was 125#. Rowing was 20 calories per. I enjoyed tonight.

bill said... fair adding to a bingo roll if it looks too is what it is!