Thursday, June 1, 2017


20 minutes to establish Push Press 5-5-5-5-5 for average load


5 rounds for average "average watts"
ME Row 1 min
Rest 2 min

Score is (average push press load) + (avg of average watts). Post average load, average watts, and score to comments.

CrossFit BINGO - Begins today June 1st!!
Each year, we roll into summer with a month-long Bingo game. On June 1st, we will roll the Bingo wheel to determine the WOD and the Bingo game will begin. Here's how it works :)
  • THE HOPPER: Each ball in the hopper corresponds to a workout.  When a ball is rolled out, it tells us the workout for the next day.
  • ROLLING: Whoever wins the workout gets the honor of rolling the Bingo wheel to choose the next day's WOD.
  • RE-ROLLING: Winner has the option of re-rolling. If they do not like the 1st workout that comes out of the hopper, they can roll again. Whatever is rolled that time is the WOD. No take backs. (So here is an example.... Puma wins the WOD. He rolls I21-Murph, doesn't want that b/c we just did it, re-rolls and gets B7-Fran. The next day's WOD is Fran.)
  • HOW TO WIN: Earn letters by doing the workouts. Do the daily WOD to earn the letter that corresponds to it. When you have all the letters, B-I-N-G-O!!


Alex Dussaq said...

115/135/135/115/125 -> 125
394/357/350/326/329 -> 351

Judy Ranelli said...

65/75/85/65/65 average = 71
215 watts average
71 + 215 = 286