Thursday, September 15, 2016

Run, WB, G2S, MU, Run

For time:
Run or Row 1 mile
75 Wallballs, 20/14
50 Ground-to-shoulders, 135/95
15 MU (or 30 C2B pull-ups)
Run or Row 1 mile

Post time to comments. Compare to 9/30/14.


Oatie said...

Been a rough week for me, having been quite under the weather. Looking like I'll be back Monday. Y'all be good and have a great weekend (have to go home to help my Mom who just had her knee replaced).

Alex Dussaq said...

Hope your mom has a quick recovery and you get to feeling better soon!

'Pack': 1mi Run, 30 WB 20#, 30 StO 75#, 30 Pull ups, 1 mi Run -> 25:59

Unknown said...

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