Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Max Jerk x 2

20 min to establish a 2-rep max Jerk
Do your first rep from the back rack and second rep from the front rack, or vise versa.


Perform 3 rounds for time:
2 min max DU
25 Toes to Bar

Post load and score to comments.
Score = Time(sec) - total DU
Compare to 2/24/11 and 12/15/14.

Scoring Example:
Athlete #1 completed the wod in 9min and did 200DU. 540sec-200 = 340
Athlete #2 completed the wod in 13min and did 100DU. 780sec-100 = 680

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Judy Ranelli said...

Bench press skills. I don't know my score on the WOD but I did singles and air force style sit-ups.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!