Friday, April 25, 2014

Team Gym"MAX"tics

You are only as strong as  you are flexible!
Thanks for this pic, Casey!! Good job to all the classes for making mobility a priority. Those few minutes you spend stretching before and after the WOD will pay off. The more flexible you are, the more efficiently you can move. That means PR's!!

Teams of two complete as many reps as possible in the given amount of time.

5 min max pullups
5 min max pushups
5 min max situps
5 min max squats

Only one teammate may work at a time. Post total reps to comments. Compare to individual scores on 2/7/11 ,  6/30/11, 6/28/12, and 2/15/13.

Next Challenge starts May 3
Early Bird Registration $39
Click HERE to register now!


Drew Hill said...

It was so nice to be back in the am class today what a great group if people

Drew said...

Of people
Got to get back to blogging again

Oatie said...

I have missed everyone and working out this week!! This bronchitis is no joke! I will be back @ a slow pace Monday night. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :-)

bill said...

Team Sandy/Bill 628 reps

Puma said...

Jay and I put up a 659 which we thought was great till the Wolfes put up a 697!