Thursday, June 30, 2011


5 min max pullups
5 min max pushups
5 min max situps
5 min max squats

Post total reps to comments.


Amber said...

Yay!!! One that I can do at the beach house! This is one of my fav's :)

Amber said...

YES!!!!! A PR!

44 Pullups
82 Pushups
118 Situps
210 Squats

Ring pullups were hard!

Cori said...

dang amber! that's awesome! 210 squats? next time i expect 50 a minute and no less! haha! yowza!

51 pullups
56 pushups
109 situps
146 squats

last time we did this was 2/7 - exactly 1 month after i had macie. my score was 246 and i did purple band pullups. so...looks like i got a pr!

Rachel said...

YAY Cori and Amber! Can't wait til I can have some numbers like you guys! Way to go!
Looking forward to tonight's WOD...looks great!

Amber said...

Great job, mama!

Cori said...

super fun class tonight! and the cashout was AWESOME! drew - i'll be working on my handstand walk while you're out of town...i'm coming for ya!

Amber said...

What WAS the cash out?!??

DREW said...

504 Rx 91-101-111-201

cash out 9' of handstand walk

Ed said...

67,71,65,111 - 314