Monday, April 15, 2013

"Nasty Girls"

Nasty Girls from Ely Albalos on Vimeo.

"Nasty Girls"
3 rounds for time of:
50 Squats
7 Muscle-ups
135 pound Hang power cleans, 10 reps

Post time to comments.Compare to 8/24/10, 5/10/10, and 5/10/12.


bill said...

115 lbs with muscle ups - no misses = 13.29 which is almost a 5 minute PR over last year with 20lb increase today and muscle ups instead of jumping MUs.

Great job this morning peeps! Lots of good sweating going on!

Cori said...

AMAZING BILL! i had no idea that you crushed it that much! yeehaw!!!!!!!!

Eddie Allen said...

Great job Bill!!! Feeling puny this morning and it definitely showed (had too much fun this weekend). 16:05 with mup's and 115#'s.

The Raulstons said...

Wow Bill!!!! That is incredible.

Shane Cahalan said...

did a 10:02 today...Liked this WOD. Will admit I was a little intimidated by it but worked it out.

Also, got to sets of 3 MUs in a row! 1st time I have made it to 3!!!

Oatie said...

Bill that ROCKS!!! Great job sir!

The Raulstons said...

Dang! Morning crew is tearing it up! Nice job Shane- beast mode!

Tonya Drinkard said...


MUPs and 65#

Shane Cahalan said...

thanks and great job Bill on the HUGE improvements on weight and time!

bill said...

I noticed you were knocking out those MUs in multiples Shane - that is what I'm talkin about! 10 minutes on that WOD has to be in top gear!

The Raulstons said...

Also- well done to Brooke and Cori at Wodism for Autism Saturday! I don't think anyone else went? Always representing the Carport well:)

sheena said...

65# & MUPs & slow, steady squats.

everyone was digging deep this morning! great job, people!

The Raulstons said...

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Cori said...

tomorrow's wod is:

11 min AMRAP of
800m run
50 situps
75 squats
100 pushups
As many burpees as possible in time remaining

Jennifer said...

65# cleans were ugly with my bum hand. Finished in just under 15min.