Monday, September 19, 2011

Tabata Ring Work

4 rounds of:
20 sec L-sit
10 sec rest
20 sec hold @ bottom of dip
10 sec rest

Score is total seconds accumulated in L-sits and bottom of dip.

50 V-ups for QUALITY
50 Bridge-ups for QUALITY


Amber said...

The tabata work seemed kinds short. We may do more rounds tonight.

I alternated v-ups and bridges. Great for wrist and shoulder flexibility!!

Cori said...

my abs are more sore from the violent bouts of vomiting i did for over 12 hours than if i would've done the wod today. that's the only good thing i can say about a stomach virus. see everyone tomorrow. :(

Judy Ranelli said...

I got 160 with bars and red band. I also got in a position against the wall trying to practice bridge-ups and couldn't figure out how to get out of it... 'twas funny. Cori we missed you and hope you get well soon!

Judy Ranelli said...

Also, pics from the Warrior Dash are here:

and videos here:

Puma said...

160 Rx. Love me some Bridge Ups. Cori: no more vomit WODS. Get well and don't pass it forward. Hey Bo: how's the MNF WOD?

DREW said...

that was a hard 160 & the Ls were less than the best , but the bottom was the hardest

v ups are much easier than the other but got better