Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Front Squat x 3


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In a properly executed front squat, the load is born entirely by the shoulders, and not at all by the hands and fingers.

Front squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Connor Martin: 295-305-310(x2)-280-305lbs.
James Hobart: 245-275-285-295(x2)-300lbs.
Candice Ruiz: 155-165-175-185-195lbs.
Matt Ross (age 15): 115-145-165-200-205lbs.

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Puma said...

light weight baby!!!

Cori said...

this is the lift i least like to see come out of the hopper...which means i need to do this wod tomorrow, prolly times 2.

Cori said...

great video on mainsite re: handstand virtuosity with laurie galassi!

amber said...

155 165 (175PR!) 185*1 180m 155
Good wod this morning. Bill and I clicked right through that. He is a really good front squatter. Congrats on your PRs, too, Bill!

Paul said...


Cori said...

the first two reps weren't the problem...grrrrr.

Cori said...

amber, you're a beast!

DREW said...

oh no cori, amber is a beauty (AKA bell). I am the beast.

Amber said...

Great video, Cori! I just watched it. I like all the skill work she did with the pvc before they ever got into handstands.

Cori said...

amber looks like a beauty but lifts like a beast!

Puma said...

145-155-165-175-190. Going over 200 next time. Cori's right: Amber is a beauty, but lifts like a beast.

Amber said...

You three are so sweet! Thanks!