Friday, September 30, 2011


"Fumble Drill"

AMRAP in 20min
Run 50M
20 ball slams
Run 50M
10 wall ball shots
Keep your ball with you the whole time. If your ball hits the ground at any time other than the ball slams, you do 5 burpees. Try not to fumble the ball!

Post rounds and fumbles to comments.


Amber said...

11 + 2WB, 2 fumbles, 6#ball

Amber said...

Drew just reminded me that you can knock the ball out of your buddy's (aka your opponent) hands :) you can make them fumble.

Cori said...

WOW! that's an interesting twist! looking forward to seeing everyone do this tonight! haha! can the coach try to knock the ball out of the athlete's hands, b/c if so, i'm going to enjoy this!

i did a 15 min amrap of 15 du's, run 200m. it was torchure, which means i needed to do it. :) all du's unbroken, which was the goal of the wod. 7 rounds.

then i did 15 min amrap of 5xsquat snatches and 5xbox jumps. 10 rounds. shoulder does not hurt at all doing snatches. only when i throw directly overhead, press overhead, pushup and ring dips. but it's feeling a lot bettter! i can put my hair in a ponytail without wincing in pain.

Amber said...

Congrats on all that you did this morning, Cori! I'm glad your shoulder is feeling better.

Unfortunately, coaches can not cause fumbles. boohoo. haha. Coaches must stay on the sidelines.

Judy Ranelli said...

Sounds fun but my knee says kNo. Have a great weekend!

Cori said...

puma missed football friday AGAIN!?

Old Man aka Kelly said...

Puma was in Nashville for a partners meeting

DREW said...

30# ball, I dont know the rounds, but the old man fumbled me 2 in the same round