Wednesday, September 14, 2011

3 Rounds For Time:
60 DU
30 Ring Push ups
15 Front Squats, 135/95

Post time to comments.


Amber said...

14:55 rx, FS unbroken, PR-58 du in a row!

RD1 - 4:27
RD2 - 9:38
RD3 - 14:55

Carport Crossfit said...

Scaled WOD:

You are welcome to self-scale this wod. Below are some suggestions about how you might break it down. Get as close to rx as possible.

Big Dawgs-rx

3 rounds for time of:
60 du
15 ring pushups, or 30 pushups
15 FS, 95/65

3 rounds for time of:
150 skips
15 pushups
15 FS, 65/45

Cori said...

great job amber! that's awesome! you've set the bar awfully high!

Cori said...

nothing like going to the gym and getting home by 6:20am!

19:31 rx
FS not unbroken ;) 8/7 each rd.
PR du's at 37! must be the rope.
pushups were 5-5-3-3-3-3-3-3-2 haha

and then i laid on the ground and almost fell asleep. that about killed me to get sub 20. i was almost an entire round behind amber! wow.

Cori said...

oh! my splits:
rd1 5:29
rd2 12:42 (where i fell apart)
rd3 19:31

alex said...

14:09 105#

Ed said...

Crossfit Games on Espn2 - 7-9pm

Puma said...

30:40 RX (FS weight racked due to elbow injury). Taught Drew how to increase rate of performance gains tonight. He'll be a much more effective coach!

Puma said...

DVR'd the Games. Watching 2night to see what ESPN has to say about best sport in the world.

Puma said...

Reebok Crossfit commercial was well done.

Paul said...

17:20 105#
I beat Cori!

Cori said...

lol paul!

Cori said...

p.s. paul
not sure i'd brag about that! haha!