Wednesday, August 10, 2011

EVENT 8 - Skills Day 2

3 min Max Rope Climb
6 min establish Max Clean
Max Weighted C2B pullup

**C2B pullup scores will place highest, followed by regular weighted pullups

Post climbs, max clean, and pullup load to comments.


Cori said...

4 rope climbs
135# max clean (i did the squat clean variety...i never would've gotten a power clean with a taxed grip. i ran out of time to try 145#)
12# chest to bar pullup

Ed said...

4 rope climbs
145# max clean
12# max regular PU

Judy Ranelli said...

off topic here but check out the movie 'sick, fat, and nearly dead' on netflix online.

Amber said...

ooooh! thanks, Judy!

Cori said...

thanks judy! can't wait to see it!

Judy Ranelli said...

duh, it's fat, sick and nearly dead.

The movie really gets good during the second half. I really felt for that guy.
I will be at class tomorrow

Judy Ranelli said...

and no I am not converted to a juicer

Old Man said...

7 rope climbs
175# clean
26# CTB pullup

then on to friday wod 15:30

i'm tired