Tuesday, August 2, 2011

EVENT 3 - Skills Day 1

L-sit for time.
Handstand walk for distance.
Snatch 1 rep for load.

Post time, distance and loads to comments.

(Tuck-sit is sub. L-sit scores will get highest place finishes followed by tuck-sit scores)


DREW said...

CARPORT GAMES u have 1hr to getterdone in that order
if u can not squat snatch MU snatch and overhead squat if u are unable to do that. work on it for the class. :) that is what i am doing.

Cori said...

and if you can't do a handstand walk, we'll see how long you can hold a freeform handstand...and if you can't do a freeform handstand, we'll see how long you can hold a handstand against the wall. practice those handstands!!!! :) scores will be given highest to handstand walk, then to freeform handstand hold, then to handstand against the wall.

i love days like this! it's like playtime!

Old Man said...

I hope there is grass somewhere to do handstand walks or attempt them anyway

Rachel said...

Weeeeee! See y'all tonight. I left my shirt behind Monday class. Is it still there?

Cori said...

rachel, i believe your shirt is in the top right side cubby.

tuck sit = 28 sec

handstand walk = 4 ft (b/f the handstand walk i did max handstand hold against the wall for 48 secs and then i did a freeform handstand for a whopping 4 seconds)

max snatch = 100# (PR!)

my shoulders are really tired after all of that!

Ed said...

tuck sit = 27sec
wall handstand = 40 sec
Squat - worked on form at 95#

DREW said...

Kelly we don't need a field for our fitness level. It would be great to make it acoss the 24' of mat AKA "the litter box"

Amber said...

43sec L-sit - PR!!
6ft handstand walk
9sec handstand
105# snatch
7 = tabata WB score

Paul said...

5 sec L-sit
52 sec handstand against wall
115# snatch
9 = tabata WB score

Judy Ranelli said...

L-Sit 28 seconds -oohrah
Worked on donkey kicks against the wall -
Worked on OHS with the 25 lb bar (not the toothpick).

Determined that it's my shoulder mobility that I really need to work on.

Cori said...

dang! some l-sitting beasts at the p.m. class!

Old Man said...

L sit - 25 sec
handstand walk - 3 ft
max snatch - 115lb pr
terrible on wall balls - shoulders fried