Friday, August 26, 2011

1-1-1 Press,
1-1-1 Push Press,
1-1-1 Push Jerk.

Increase loads each set. Post loads to comments.

"Correcting Issues With The Burgener Warm-up" with Coach Mike Burgener - video [wmv] [mov]


Carport Crossfit said...

This wod is a total of 9 reps at max or near maximal loads. Rest a couple of minutes between each lift.

Here is a example of what this wod might look like. (This is what I am going to try to do.)
P: 85-90-95
PP: 105-115-125
PJ: 135-145-155
Total = 1050

Old Man aka Kelly said...

Decided to take a needed 1week rest early. Might show up to re-live some pain with the box. Oh yea, I caught the Badger. Will let him out in a week

Amber said...

Paul, this one's for you.

Puma said...

Finally, some real weightlifting instead of running my butt to death, BUT I won't be there. Headed out of town. Will miss y'all.

Rachel said...

Miss you guys!
5 miles run + 50 X 5
50 kipping pullups
50 pushups
50 situps
50 squats
50 wallballs (20 lbs)
Time:16:07 ? I don't have anyone with a stop watch, had to use my phone! :(

Amber said...

Shoot for the stars. Settle for the moon.

P: 85-90-95m
PP: 105-115-125
PJ: 135-145m-145m
Total = 655

Cori said...

good job amber!

Puma said...

Amber, awesome job but your total is wrong at least based on your example. You should be over 1000.

Cori said...

i don't think she's counting her misses.

also, good to see you blogging rachel...hopefully we'll see you back soon! keep wodding!

Amber said...

Yep, I only counted successful lifts to my total. :)

Puma said...

I'm dyslexic or senile or both. Completely overlooked the "m's". Still good work.

Anonymous said...

You guys make my day! I do not feel so alone now. Its a bad day when I can't read Cori's or Drew's posts.

Amber said...

P: 90 95 100!!!!
PP: 110 115 125
PJ: 135 140 145


Cori said...

yay! 3 pr's!
thanks coach drew...that was the best lifting class EVAH!

great job amber, drew, zack, libby and judy! a lot of PR's all around!

Judy Ranelli said...

P: 65-75-65 not a PR but I had some great coaching on my form.
PP: 75-85-95 - a PR!
PJ: 85-95-100 - a PR!!!

Many thanks to Coach Drew and Coach Cori. I am so stoked about getting 100lbs. over my head...!

Carport Crossfit said...

As a gym, I think we PR'd in the # of pr's set in one day!