Monday, August 1, 2011

2 rounds for time:
21 burpees
800M run
20 Pullups (C2B if possible)
40 Hand-release push-ups
60 Squats

Post time to comments.

CrossFit Games - 210M Ocean Swim (Day before the Games)


DREW said...


The opener for the CARPORT GAMES.

should the burpees be dumbbell burpees?

Cori said...

i must say that i did not game this wod...i went all out trying to keep ahead of sam on the first run (which i didn't do...i fell about 100m behind him even leaving out of the gym first after the burpees). round 1 was done in about 14:30. the second 800m was pitiful. my limbs and head started tingling and i felt pukie coming on. i had to walk some. then i had to slog through the rest of it.

total time 29:56 - all chest to bar pullups.

Amber said...

sub 30! with C2B and virtual soft-sand running. Great job, Cori!

Rachel said...

See ya'll tonight! This wod looks tough! Just what I need for my return from the beach!

Judy Ranelli said...

Will be at Tuesday's WOD. I am exhausted today.

Paul said...


Old Man said...

Man it was hot. 26:45 I believe. Is that right drew

Rachel said...

33:53. Hot hot heat! Got a blister.
Went to the climbing gym afterward and tore it off my hand. I am official! So don't mind if I do a bit of speed work in the a.m. instead. Good workout day!

Amber said...


I cannot imagine what the real Event 1 was like. This was tough! C2B's were much easier 2nd round without the gymnastics straps.

DREW said...

25 min RX