Friday, July 1, 2011


For time:
40 GHD Situps
30 C2B Pullups
10 Pistol Squats each leg

Post time to comments.


Cori said...


guess the morning peeps didn't need an "N." :)

hope to see some N-less folks tonight!

Old Man said...

Don't think I'll be there tonight. Company coming in town. Gotta make chocolate souffle or creme brulee for desert. See ya'll Monday. Is the box open Monday???

Cori said...

box is not open on monday

Cori said...

see you tuessday!

Rachel said...

I will be there with my noodle arms!

Ed said...

You're right - I didn't need an N - but more importantly I must need a new alarm clock!

Rachel said...

Oh's the link to Warrior Dash in TN on Sept. 17th

Cori said...

sept 17 is my bday! what a great 37th bday present to me...hint, hint DAVE!

Will said...

This is a fun one!!

Paul said...

I need an "N", but this goat will be heading south for the weekend. Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!

Judy Ranelli said...

I'm there to get my N tonight!

Amber said...


40 toes through rings
30 rings to chest pullups
20 hspu
10 pistol squats each leg

Crusaders said...

Caroline 6:53
40 situps
30 ring rows
20 elevated pushups
10 elevated pistols each leg

Coach Carrie 8:22
20 toes through rings
15 jc2bpu
10 modified hspu
5 pistol squats each leg

Judy Ranelli said...

14:53 All 2:1 scaled... regular situps, jumping pullups, box pushups, assisted pistols.

Amber said...

Kids WOD
20 toes through rings
15 jpu
10 assisted hspu
5 pistol squats each leg

2:25 Brooke (7)
2:42 Clara (5)
2:47 Kaleigh (5)

Drew said...


Cori said...

all rx except 2:1 pistol squats w/ butt to 9 blue mats.
that was 2 min faster than the last time i did it but i had to do band assisted pullups and i did 1:1 assisted squats