Friday, October 8, 2010


Complete 5 rounds:

Max Rep Handstand Push Ups

*rest as needed between rounds



8 x 100 yard sprints

*rest 45 seconds between rounds

Post total reps completed to comments.

Race for the Cure tomorrow!
Carport CrossFit will be CLOSED SATURDAY because we are participating in the Race for the Cure. If you would like to run/walk with us, you can register with our team, "Carport CrossFit". (just click that link to go to the race registration page). This is a fun event and we hope you will join us!


Jessica said...

This will be a gooood WOD!

Amber said...

How about that "MEAL OF THE DAY" app! It is supposed to post a new Paleo recipe everyday. I am looking forward to trying some of these. Cori and Dave always make tasty Paleo meals. I am looking forward to learning how, too!

Cori said...

I'm stoked about the new app on the site! Yesterday's recipe (the chicken coconut thin) is something I made last week! If anyone ever has any questions about where to find certain ingredients, please send me an email. Some of the items to cook Paleo food cannot be found a Publix or Winn Dixie. Whole Foods typically carries the not-so-common items. OR if you don't want to buy what you need and you only need a little, call me and if I have some you can "borrow" I'll be more than happy!

Cori said...

Oh! And today's recipe, I've made a lot of times! This is one of my FAVORITES! I have some tricks to this recipe to make it Mexican'ish or Italian'ish or just plain downright homecookiong yummy!

Cori said...

Friday's Musings:
So today is the start of week 2 for the Nutrition Challenge. How is everyone feeling/doing? I realized this morning that it has been one full week that I have not had any processed sugar or grains! :) Yay me! I thought it was going to be really hard being preggo and all...but seems like baby Macie is diggin' it! It's all a mental thing, I guess. I dropped the EXCUSE of "because I'm pregnant I crave..." and all of the sudden, I'm not craving anything!

Positive results from this past week:
- Not so sore after wodding
- Even though I haven't lost weight, I don't feel like a fat blob. I just FEEL better.
- Higher energy levels/no mid-afternoon crashes
- I've lost the stress of wondering what I'm doing to my baby with all of the crap I was eating....I couldn't get off the train and stop the madness! This challenge was EXACTLY what I needed!
- I've saved a LOT of money, as I was eating out lunch EVERY DAY!

Post your thoughts to's the challenge treating you so far?

Amber said...

Week 1 highlights
- lost 4lbs
- took 21 sec off my mile time

I am super excited about this challenge. It is exactly what I needed too. I was starting to let myself get "TOO BUSY" to prepare meals. Taking care of myself was becoming less and less of a priority. This challenge has helped me GET FOCUSED! I understand how to Zone so I am still eating all the foods I love but I am mindful of portions and making sure that I eat enough during the day so I don't pig out at night. This is the first time I have ever lost weight without starving myself. I LOVE IT!!!!

Jessica said...

Beginner HSPU 9-10-15-10-12
Row 100yds 24sec-26sec-25sec-23sec-24sec-25sec-24sec-25sec

Burly Girl said...

Was great to meet you guys & gals today!! If you're ever back in Anniston, stop by & say hello, and we'll do the same!! P.S. Great job to the Kiddos that scaled the sculpture! Future Firebreathers, I'm sure!!

Emilee F. --CrossFit Serious Fitness