Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5 & 25 for 5

5 Muscle ups
25 Double unders

5 rounds for time

Post time to comments.

False Grip Explanation/Demo [mov][wmv]
Doubleunders by Tall Karl [wmv][mov]


Amber said...

Band assisted MU

Anonymous said...


Cori said...


Cori said...

haha! ok anonymous, let me tell you what i thought when i saw the wod this morning. my exact thought (and i even think the word came out of my mouth) was "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" this lady can't do mu's OR double unders while preggo. :( so i reevaluated my attitued, and i came up with my subs. i am doing this wod tonight, and i will do 2:1 pullups/dips for the mu's and i will do 25 squats for the double unders (i'm only doing squats b/c i can't do any jumping due to baby). if you can't do double unders, then i suggest you practice before the wod, then do 2:1 tuck jumps. you could also sub muscle up transitions for the muscle ups instead of pullups/dips.

my advice is when you see a wod and your reaction is "NOOOOO!!!!!!" then you should get your booty in the gym!
p.s. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

john said...

I saw the WOD posted last night around 11:00 PM. I tod myself that I wasn't even going to look at the website today. Upon awakeing, I was very sore from the PC's on the previous day's WOD. I ate an egg w/ a few greens and went for a brisk walk and the soreness went away for now. I am glad I stopped by this morning and saw Cori's post,not the 2:1 pu/dips but the xoxoxo's part. This evening I will take another look and perhaps I will have the fortitude to challenge myself this evening.

Cori said...

can i get an amen!?

Anonymous said...

Cori so be it (amen) if we were all about programing our goods it whould look like 5 back squats 315
& 25 burpees or burpee PU
there is always a sub. some are closer to the work than others,but it is still WORK.

me i running sub 20

Anonymous said...

30:58 9 mu spent 24 min getting them then did 2:1 pullups ring dips all double unders unbroken. Z

Andrew said...

I wander who the anonymous is? I don't know who dislikes double unders more than me and Trey. I am totally pumped about smacking myself in the back of the head and knees for thirty minutes today. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cori said...

that's the spirit andrew!
p.s. trey was there this morning and he got multiple double unders in a row! wahoo!!!!!!

Andrew said...

I guess that rules him out. I blew my secret identity.

Carport Crossfit said...


Cori said...

congrats to lynn for getting double unders! YAY LYNN!

i did this extremely modified wod in 23:58.
did 2:1 pullups and dips (dips were band assisted, pullups were kipping) and 25 squats. thank goodness i can still do pullups.

Jessica said...

29:06 dips w/ bands reg jump rope

Carport Crossfit said...

Drew 11:28 Rx


5 500M rows (sub 2:00) with one min to do AMRAP of D.U. 2 rounds over 30

Cori thank goodness i can still do pullups. I for a sec I thought U said I am gLad I wore PULLUPS.

the brain sees what it thinks.

Jessica said...

She'll be buying pullups before long!

Dave said...

We have 2 people named Anonymous? I think that should be our daughter's name!

I hate I missed this one! I love dips, pull ups, 1 muscle up, and a whole bunch of m.u. attempts.

Watson said...

17:05 15 dips/DU Gotta get a rope