Monday, July 10, 2017

Run, Burpee, or Row

Complete as many units as possible in 40 minutes.
- 800M Run
- 50 Burpees
- 1000M Row

You may choose to start with an 800M Row, 50 Burpees, or 1000M Row. After you complete your first unit, choose a different unit to complete next. You may compete units in any order you choose, the only rule is that you cannot do the same unit two times in a row. You may alternate between the 3 units or choose your two favorites and just do those.
For example, you may choose run, row, run, row, Burpee, run, Burpee, row,... or just run, row, run, row, run, row....

Post completed units to comments. Compare to 12/10/14 and 11/28/16.

1 comment:

Judy Ranelli said...

6.2. Burpees/row/run/row/run/row