Friday, November 18, 2016

100 Russian KBS

100 Russian KBS for time. 2/1.5pd

Penalty: Every time you stop swinging the KB, complete 10 chin ups (grip the bar with palms facing you).

Post time and number of penalties to comments. 

Scaled wod: 

Pro - Rx

Collegiate - 100kbs 1.5/1, penalty: 5chin ups

High School - 75 KBS 1/26#, penalty: 3chinups, band assisted okay

JV - 50 KBS 26#/13#, penalty: 5 ring rows

Note: we have done this wod twice before but penalty is different time. The penalty used to be for setting the KB down but it was rare that anyone ever actually put the KB on the ground. So the penalty now is for resting (ha!). 


Oatie said...

I'll be hitting this one @ this house tonight, doing burpees instead of the chin-ups (hopefully not many) and swinging a 1POOD. Have a great weekend everyone!!

Oatie said...

5:13 w 10 burpees (2 penalties).