Tuesday, October 4, 2016

KB Shoulder Press, Slam, Jump

10 rounds of 30sec on, 30sec off
One-arm KB Shoulder Press from a knee. Alternate arms each round. For example, if you press with your right arm round 1, press with your left arm round 2.
5pts/rep = 2pd for men, 1.5pd for women
3pts/rep = 1.5pd for men, 1pd for women
1pt/rep = 1pd for men, 26# for women
.5pt/rep = 13# for everyone


10 min AMRAP of
10 Ballslams, 30/20
10 over-the-box jumps, 24/20

Score is (points)x(reps). Post points, reps, and score to comments.

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