Monday, October 3, 2016

Hang Squat Clean, 1 mile Run, Pullups

For total pounds lifted. You choose your weight. You may change weights as needed.
0:00-1:00 ME hang squat clean
1:00-3:00 Rest
3:00-4:00 ME hang squat clean
4:00-6:00 Rest
6:00-7:00 ME hang squat clean
7:00-9:00 Rest
9:00-10:00 ME hang squat clean
10:00-12:00 Rest
12:00-13:00 ME hang squat clean


For time in seconds
Run 1 mile
50 pull-ups

To calculate pounds lifted, multiply the load by total reps performed at that weight. Add all five rounds together to get total #lifted. Score is (total#lifted)/(seconds). Post pounds lifted, time, and score to comments.

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Judy Ranelli said...

65# for 40 reps = 2600. 872 seconds for time. 2600/872 = 3. Mods = rowing, green banded pullups.