Friday, October 28, 2016

FOOTBALL FRIDAY - Haunted Hang Cleans

100 Hang Cleans for time.

Post time to comments. Compare to 10/31/14. and 10/30/15

135/95 - Professional
115/80 - Collegiate
95/65 - High school
75/45, 75 reps - JV

- OR -

"Nails In the Coffin"
Individual WOD - 50 Hang Squat Cleans for time. Do a burpee for each time you set the bar down. The first time you put the bar down, do one burpee. The second time, do two burpees, 3rd rest = 3 burpees. Continue until you complete all 50 HSCs.

Team WOD - As a team of two, complete 100 Hang Squat Cleans for time. One athlete working at a time. On 3-2-1-go, Athlete A will complete as many HSC as possible then rest. Athlete B will do 1 burpee then as many HSC as possible. When Athlete B puts the bar down, Athlete A will do 3 burpees then as many HSC as possible. Continue until 100 HSC are complete.

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