Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Push-ups, Pull-ups

For time

21 Push-ups
3 Pull-ups
18 Push-ups 
6 Pull-ups
15 Push-ups
9 Pull-ups
12 Push-ups
12 Pull-ups
9 Push-ups
15 Pull-ups
6 Push-ups
18 Pull-ups
3 Push-ups
21 Pull-ups

Post time to comments. 
BURPEES-TO-BABY: 17 burpees!


Shane Cahalan said...

6:42 I think was my time. 17 burpess

Oatie said...

yea well, since the reverse of this is how I pulled muscles last week I am out tonight, y'all have fun :-) Way to crush it Shane!

Puma said...

If the reverse was how you pulled a muscle, then this should put it back in place nicely.

Oatie said...

Puma, you're a nut!!

Shane Cahalan said...

Thanks Oatie but the BK did it with me and was at like 5:45.

Cori said...

Tomorrows wod is...just show don't want to trust really don't want to know.

Tonya Drinkard said...

That's a little scary Cori!

Cori said...

(Y'all know I'm just messing with y'all...come on down to the gym tomorrow and we'll do some toe touches and light stretching and call it a day.)

Drew Hill said...

Got caught looking around and was around 6 mins
But got some good jumping cues from the jumping guru
Will pugh :)


Judy Ranelli said...

11:40, mod.

Puma said...

Love seeing that 8' next to my name. Keeps me right there with Brian and Shane (at least on something!).