Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Ring My Bell"

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of
Ring Dips
Kettlebell Swings (M-53lb / F-35lb)

Post time to comments.


bill said...

As Rachel would say "oooooh, this looks like fun". My sentiments exactly. Except that even if I could swing (swinged? swanged?) a 53 lb kettle bell that many times I would be an inch shorter when I finished.

Wednesday's get all the fun stuff...what's with that?

23 Skidoo said...

I had the 45 rpm of that song...

Cori said...

bill - you can always drop into the 5:30p or 6:30p class. wods are just as fun in the p.m. as they are in the a.m., and i'm pretty sure the membership you purchased allows you to come to any class you would like! ;)

i set the clock for 15 min and worked on snatches. each weight i did multiple singles of squat snatch w/ hook grip, squat snatch w/out hook grip, and i tried out the split snatch.
(on 105 got power snatch w/ good footwork, failed on the squat and failed on the split, and i was out of time). my plan is to do this drill once a week until i work my way up to bodyweight squat snatch on a regular basis. it's one of my new goals.

then i did the wod:
8:36 wolf pack (aka scaled up)

i expect to get served on this one b/c ring dips are a weakness and go away very fast. i just tried to keep moving on them. all kbs unbroken. and i focused on regional standards, ie every rep is full rom and full lock out. regional standards is now going to be my everyday standard. :)

bill said...

Cori - Isn't Wed was your rest day? Good job on the snatches. I thought you already had your body weight snatch?

As for the pm wod my Elite Master's Programmed Training Yield (EMPTY) discourages both Wed and P.M. WODs ;0(

Rachel said...

It does look like fun! WOO! I will be at the 5:30 class...can't wait. This day has been very sleepy for me. I am sure to be energized by the end of this WOD.
Anyone want to run @ Ruffner after the 5:30 class? Anyone...anyone...Bueller?

Cori said...

FYI Paleo folk:

May 4 they’re having a Whole Chicken One Day Sale at Whole Foods Market. The Georgia raised and processed birds will be incredibly priced at $2.99 / lb (a $2 savings!)

Cori said...

bill -
today isn't really wednesday since i was off on monday. my body thinks it's tuesday.

Rachel said...

Um and speaking of chicken...

Judy Ranelli said...

7:04, black band Ring Dips, 1 pd KB.

That cash-out was a doozie - 20" box, 5:44

DREW said...

sub 5 rx/wolf

Rachel said...

Ugh. The ring dips killed me.

An Judy, you nailed it- 30 box jump burpees were tough! GRRR!

Puma said...

Rx 11:21

Amber said...

5:02 wolf pack ;)
Ring dips (10,9,4/4,4/3,3/3,3/2,4,3,2,1)
53# KB swings unbroken

It was fun trying to finish before the song was over!