Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

Post load and time to comments.

Fran (Greg and Annie) [wmv] Compare to 8/23/11.


Carport Crossfit said...

Big Dawgs:
As Rx’d

Women use 65#’s

Fran done well is a 3-5 minute workout. This time try choosing a weight that will let you do the workout with good form in that time. (usually intermediate weights are 65-75# for men, and 35-45# for women)

Use appropriate weight
sub Beginner Pull ups, Assisted Pull ups or Ring Rows as necessary.

Scaled WOD courtesy of BrandX.

Cori said...

4:57 RX PR

ran it all by lonesome after everyone left. i think i couldve done a little better had i not been alone. :)

thrusters unbroken (but in 15 round backracked at rep 8)
pullups 11-5-5/9-3-3/9

bill said...

pack 65# 7:05 a PR - last time I ran this was 8/23/2011 when I was old and bald. I'm older and still bald but fitter thanks to carport.

Verrrry proud of Cori and Amber for an excellent showing in West Palm and it's great to have you all back! And great support by Dave and Drew!
Looking for some pics!

Judy Ranelli said...

No! Not the F word!!!!

bill said...

Anna G where you at? Anna P had to singularly bear the Anna burden all by herself this A.M. A one Anna day is good but a two Anna day will always be great! Maybe you misread the WOD...there were no burps today.

Anonymous said...

Woo! I haven't done Fran in FOREVER! I'm excited!

Anna P said...

#35, Jumping Pull Ups - 8:26

23 Skidoo said...

Fran-10:25 Started at 45lbs had to change weights to 35lbs during first set.
pullups with assist
Working towards that first unassisted pullup!

Anna said...

Hate I missed y'all this morning! I'll be there Thursday.

Mary Anne said...

9:59 with 35# and ring rows.

Paul said...

5:55 rx pr

Will "Matt" Koepsel said...

75# in 5:45. Continuing to work on kipping.

Judy Ranelli said...

8:12, 55lbs, jumping pullups.

The Raulstons said...

4:08, 45# to box, JPU-Cynthia, 7 DUs in a row!

The Raulstons said...

Love this pic Cori! - Cynthia

DREW said...

sub 3 Rx
then with the clock running i ran it 1 more time for a total of 15 min

Puma said...

Sub 6 min. Great job Paul!