Saturday, September 24, 2011

Open Gym 9-10am


Cori said...

great morning at the gym!

dave, will and nate did the 10 min amrap of 15wb and 1 rope climb. will smoked it with 9+ rounds, nate was close behind with 7 rounds (i think?) and dave wrapped it up with 6+ rounds. marcella also joined in the fun with a modified 10 min amrap and she pushed through to the end!

it was great to meet will and nate's sister (who busted out a few wallballs and 1 rope climb in some really cute shoes!) and the precious abigail! the whole myers family showed up this morning!

if you're reading this and you weren't there, aren't you jealous you didn't come join in the fun this morning!? ;)

Amber said...

YES! I am completely jealous. I would have loved to see everyone.