Friday, September 16, 2011



Max reps bodyweight bar dips immediately followed by equal # of reps of GHD situps. Do this number of GHD's after each round of weighted bar dips. (DO NO MORE THAN 25 GHD SITUPS PER ROUND even if you can do more than 25 bodyweight dips.)

3-2-1-2-3 Weighted Bar Dips

Post # of bodyweight dips and loads to comments.


Cori said...

LOVE the caption! apparently anonymous has been working HARD!

Anonymous said...

I have been working hard but I need to look in the mirror a little more often because I didn't even recognize myself. If my name wasn't on the picture, I wouldn't have known it was me.

Ed said...

9 Bodyweight
10#, 25#, 45#, 35#, 35#

Amber said...

17 bodyweight
3-45# WOW!!!!!!!!

Well, I was pleasantly surprised this morning! I tried to do one rep at 55# after that set of three but I couldn't get it. I will next time though. Woohoo!!!!

Cori said...

11 bodyweight
3 - 10#
2 - 20# (toed the ROM line on rep2)
1 - 35# (toed the line)
2 - 20# (fixed the ROM)
3 - didn't do the last 3 reps b/c my shoulder feels really tweaked. i would've tried 15 but thought better of it.

i'm surprised that i could do what i did, especially since i couldn't do ring dips about 3 months ago. :)

"The Hammer" said...

Cori u got to love some crossfit with that fast a gain :)

Cori said...

i love me some cf, but that extra skunk work doesn't hurt!