Saturday, August 13, 2011

Open Gym 9-10am


Dave said...

Rachel-I will not be at the track this morning. I kow I told you I would but I'm sorry. I have to go get tires early on my car and the place I go is on Finley and if you are not there early then you're gonna miss a place in line possibly or wait forever.

Ronnie Coleman said...

Your weekly dose of Big Ron

Amber said...

I feel stronger already!

DREW said...

"Gator" sub 30min

Eight rounds for time of:
185 pound Front squat, 5 reps
26 Ring push-ups

Cori said...

nasty wod, drew! saw that on mainsite....yowza! i'd still be there doing that one!

congrats to brooke for getting her back walkover! yay brookie!!!!!!

yeah buddy!

p.s. where was david pugh today!?!?! thought for sure he'd be there winning the carport games!