Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Run 800 meters
21 Squat snatch, 75 pounds
21 Pushups
Run 400 meters
15 Squat snatch, 75 pounds
15 Pushups
Run 200 meters
9 Squat snatch, 75 pounds
9 Pushups

Post time to comments.

Get inverted!
Inversion Basics [wmv]
Tuck - align hips for balance
Raise one leg - maintain balance
Switch legs - maintain balance
Both legs up - maintain balance
Skin the Cat - maintain control


Cori said...

i've been waiting for this one...and then i missed it! maybe i'll come in saturday to make it up.

Judy Ranelli said...

I gotta work tonight for someone out sick, so I am going to miss this joy... have a question though, what is a sub for squat snatch? Do y'all think I could squat snatch?

Cori said...

Judy, you would 3 piece it. you would snatch-grip dead lift the weight (meaning deadlift the weight with a wide grip on the bar). Then you would hang power snatch it to the overhead position. Then you would overhead squat it. You would need to pick a weight that you can ohs correctly and with proper depth.

Anonymous said...

did it rx'ed at nkc crossfit 14:40 our 400 is kinda long awesome workout.Z

Will said...

How were the squat snatches?

alex said...

14:42 rx.

Cori said...

alex rx!? NICE!