Wednesday, December 7, 2011

For time:
150 DU
100 KBS (1.5/1pd)

Partition the double unders, kettlebell swings, and handstand pushups as needed.

Post time to comments.

Compare to 7/20/11.


DREW said...

will it be (5-10-15) (10-20-30) or (50-100-150)

Cori said...

i think i'm going for 15-10-5. i know my strengths and it ain't du's. :) i'm wondering if i can do a round a minute?

i'll shoot for the stars and hope for the moon.

Judy Ranelli said...

Feeling under the weather, dunno if I'll wod tonight or not.

Cori said...

15:47 w/ 1.5 pood

i did 7 sets of 15 du/10 kbs/5 hspu, and then i was feeling confident so i knocked out 45 du's to finish up with 3 sets of 10 kbs and 5 hspu. well, that was a big mistake. even though i knocked out the 45 du's, they also knocked the wind out of me. i would've done better to finish the 10 rounds as i had planned instead of trying to finagle the end of the wod to be faster.

it took me 55 sec to do the first round. i think this could potentially be a sub 10 wod for me with the 1 pood kb. i might run it again tonight.

also, i chose the 1.5 pood kb b/c of a cf journal article i saw about how they do not post scaled women's weights on the mainsite b/c they don't want to limit women. it made think about how i really appreciate that, and i am going to aim for rx, not rx "women's weight" every opportunity i can.

Cori said...

p.s. hope you feel better judy!

Cori said...

ooh! just looked at the july scored for this wod! didn't do as bad as i thought! yay!

Puma said...

No WOD'ing tonight. Momma's birthday dinner!

Paul said...

18:57 rx

Did all the DU's first then did 10 sets of 10 KBS and 5 HSPU.

Shoulders got smoked. Prolly should have gone 10 sets (15-10-5) to break it up better.

alex said...

10 even rounds.