Monday, July 16, 2018

3 rounds for time of:
10 dumbbell power snatches, left arm
10 single-arm overhead squats, left arm
10 L pull-ups
10 dumbbell power snatches, right arm
10 single-arm overhead squats, right arm
10 L pull-ups
Men: 50-lb. dumbbell
Women: 35-lb. dumbbell
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Compare to 151204 and 180711.

This workout challenges your flexibility and midline strength more than your metabolic engine. Reduce the load on the dumbbell and modify the L pull-up in order to keep a moderate pace. The single-arm overhead squat demands good flexibility but should still be attempted.
Intermediate Option - kipping L-pullups, 35/20
Beginner Option - band assisted pullups, 20/15

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Judy Ranelli said...

13:04, 20# power snatches, no weight OHS (yes really), and banded pullups