Tuesday, April 3, 2018

30min emom of pull-ups push-ups and squats. Athletes can choose from the following rep schemes:
6-12-18 (36reps)
5-10-15 (30reps)
4-8-12 (24 reps)
3-6-9 (18 reps)
2-4-6 (12 reps)
1-2-3 (6 reps)

Each minute will be scored. To earn points you must complete ALL of the reps of your chosen rep scheme. (For example, if you choose 6-12-18, then you must finish all 36 reps to earn 36 points for that minute. If you only complete 35 reps, your score for that minute would be zero.) You may change rep schemes throughout the workout. 

Score is total points. 

Jumping Chest-to-bar Pullups

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