Friday, May 11, 2012

5:30am class is OPEN :)
For time:
500M Row
800M Run
300 Double Unders

Post time to comments.


Carport Crossfit said...

500m row
800m run
300 du

500m row
800m run
150 du (or 300 lateral hops over a balance disc)

500m row
400m run
50 du attempts

Cori said...

slim crowd this morning! i missed the usual morning crew!

a few reminders:
- don't forget your burpees if you are in for the burpee challenge!
today: 25
sat: 30
sun: 35
mon: 40
tues: 45
if you miss one day, the next day you have to do the previous day's burpees plus that day's burpees. if you miss two days, you will have a lot to do! (it will add up quickly!!!)

- and happy mother's day to all of our carport moms! you are all inspirations!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna P said...

I am so bummed - my alarm never went off! I woke up 5:42 at it took me a few minutes to process that the class had already started. Oh well, guess I'll be running at home and doing my burpees.

bill said...

17.11 with side to side jumps....I've got little to no DUs yet.
Libby and I made the leader board for today's WOD!

A no Anna day is like Aunt Jemimah pancakes without the syrup.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the reminder Cori!

For all the carporters that would like to come, Libby and I are meeting at Mountain Brook H.S. @ 5:30 for the Prison Walk WOD:

Burpees: 20-19-18-17, etc.

Followed by a cashout of 4, 400m sprints for time.

Who else is in?

23 Skidoo said...

oops didn't know there was class...I saw where it was canceled and didn't check website again.
Can you send out emails for late breaking announcements???

Amber said...


Then did 20# WB to 10ft on the minute for 5 minutes.

@Stacey - updates are always posted on the blog. Only the 6pm class is listed as closed for today. I also noted that the 5:30am class was open just incase there was any confusion about today's class schedule. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

23 Skidoo said...

No worries... I just don't get to check the web that often...never saw the update. I would have been there if I knew...

Judy Ranelli said...

25 baby burpees. I am starting to think that that baby needs to come SOON. B^)

Rachel said...

Libby and I did Prison Walk.
Me in 32 min; Libby in 32 and some unknown seconds.
Libby killed it! She had already done the workout from the a.m.! What a champ! And a great workout partner!
Thanks Libby!!

Oatie said...

I agree Judy!!