Saturday, September 10, 2011

Open Gym 9-10am


Amber said...

Box jump/ring row - 19:46, 20" box

Tabata hollow holds

3 strict HSPU every min on the min for 17 min. Last round I did 6! Woohoo!

Cori said...

nice job amber on both the wod and the skunk work! i still can't do a single strict hspu...looks like i've found yet something else to work on. sigh. does it ever end!?

Amber said...

I kept my midline tight and tried to reach the ceiling with my toes during the HSPU. Keeping the "hitch" also helped. I didnt pay too much attention to it at the beginning but when it got tougher at the end, I had to mindful of my breath. I took a deep breath, kicked up, 3 HSPU, then exhaled. I also tried taking a breath in between reps but it was harder.