Monday, August 29, 2011

Handstand Hold Against Wall for 1 minute
Hollow Rock for 1 minute
Recover 1 minute

Post your experience to the comments.


Cori said...

holy cow! i just tried the hollow body position and was shaking like a leaf! on to video #2!

Cori said...

um, yeah. i just did the hollow rock on my office floor. i have a feeling i'm gonna be sore in places i didn't know i could be sore on tuesday! i bet the hollow rock and hollow body position will help my freeform handstand! whoop!

p.s. i know who anonymous is! mwahahahahahah! and it isn't me!

Ronnie Coleman said...

Alright Carporters - I stepped it up: 4 MU, 20 front squats w/89 lbs (we have kilos), run 1/3 a mile (weird indoor track) 3 rounds for time AND I did 4 muscle ups in the second round (cute girl walks by... wish I was joking) Time: 14:15 RX... I raised the rings I bought so I really had to reach to grab them and kipping felt a TON easier. But yes, I need to work on handstands

Ronnie Coleman said...

So it was 3,4,3 MU in the WOD to clarify... I was so excited

Carport Crossfit said...

Today we will walk our feet up the wall into our handstands so that we can maintain that hollow position in the HS.
Here are some videos to help with handstands. They explain why/how to do HS with chests against the wall instead of back against the wall like we normally do at the Carport.

Handstand Prog. 1

Handstand Prog. 2

Anonymous said...

@Cori-If you know who anonymous is...then thry are no longer anonymous...correct?

Cori said...

so ronnie, you did 4 mu's in the second round to show off for the girl, or you did 4 because you lost count?! she must've been awfully cute!

and anonymous is still anonymous except to me in which anonymous is not anonymous anymore.

thanks for the videos amber! this wod will be interesting!

amber said...

That was AWSEOME!
Hollow rocks are definitly on my list of things to practice. I was able to handstand the whole minute all 6 rounds AND I learned how to roll out the HS! Yay! It was really hard to stay hollow for a minute. I took several breaks each round. During the last part of rounds 4, 5, and 6, I stopped rocking and just held the hollow position.

The whole a.m. crew rocked this!

Judy Ranelli said...

taking today off to rest, see y'all tomorrow.

Cori said...

that was so hard! my hollow rock became a hollow position for about 3 secs on 5-10 secs off. lol! yikes!

the handstands did something weird to my left hand. i lost feeling from my elbow down. the feeling is just starting to come back. what's up with that!?